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Cbda – CBD Precursor Holds Potential For Providing Many Therapeutic Benefits

Cbda – CBD Precursor Holds Potential For Providing Many Therapeutic Benefits

Everyone is talking about how CBD has changed their lives for the better and they no longer suffer from crippling pain, or they can finally sleep better. Some of us have not even adopted CBD in our lives to try out its health benefits and there is another name in the industry: CBDa.

Let us what is CBDa and how is it different and if it more effective than CBD.

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What is CBDa?

When Cannabigerolic acid found in the cannabis plant is metabolized by enzymatic action, 3 major CBD precursors are formed:

  1. THC-A
  2. CBC-A
  3. CBD-A

After thermal decarboxylation of CBD-A, we get what is popularly consumed as CBD. This decarboxylation happens even naturally if we leave the plant material at room temperature and thus our chances of getting exposed to CBDa are very low.

In order to use CBDa for health benefits, we have to consume it in the form of tinctures or raw cannabis juice freshly extracted from the plant. There are also topical creams that contain CBDa to some extent.

Benefits of CBDa

Being pharmacologically inactive, it does not affect the ECS system as effectively as CBD. However, researchers have found that CBDa closely resembles NSAIDs and also inhibits COX-2 enzyme in a similar fashion.

COX-2 enzyme increases the inflammatory markers whenever there is an acute or chronic injury. By inhibiting the action of this enzyme, CBDa can be a powerful anti-inflammatory and pain relieving natural substance.

CBDa binds powerfully to serotonin receptors responsible for controlling nausea and thus can be very beneficial for cancer patients as nausea is a major side effect of chemotherapy. CBDa along with a low dose Ondansetron can be an effective relief for those undergoing chemotherapy.

Interaction of CBDa with serotonin also makes it a good anti-anxiety substance that can also change our vital functions such as motor skills, metabolism, sleeping patterns, and emotional processing.

How to harness the benefits of CBDa when it gets converted to CBD so readily?

Scientists and research teams are always on a lookout for methods to create revolutionary drugs that could be helpful to the mankind. One team of researcher has found a way to convert the unstable CBDa into a more stable compound while still retaining its therapeutic properties.

This stable compound is the methyl ester derivate or CBDa that does not get converted to CBD at room temperature and maintains its anti-anxiety properties. Some topical creams also have CBDa that is stable enough to provide relief from inflammation and its associated chronic pain.

Researchers also say that CBDa holds potential in arresting the migration of highly aggressive breast cancer cells.

While a clinical drug containing CBDa is still on the way for public use, we can be hopeful that just like CBD, its precursor CBDa will bring miraculous health benefits to its consumers.

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